cy. My only boy is

dead." "Da

t's awful; b

Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut rerum necessitatibus?

ut brace up, Mis' Kenyon. De Lor' don't let it blow so hard on de sheep dat's lost his fleece." "I feel that I have very little to live for, Nancy," continued Mrs. Kenyon, in a tone of depression. "Don't you take it so much to heart, Mis' Kenyon. I've had three chil'en myself, an' I don't know where they is." "How does that happen, Nancy?" "When we was all slaves dey

Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut rerum necessitatibus?

was sold away from me, down in Alabama, I reckon, and I never expec' to see any of 'em ag'in." "That is very hard, Nancy," said Mrs. Kenyon, roused to sympathy. "So it is, Mis' Kenyon," said Nancy, wiping her eyes; "but I hope to see 'em in a better land." Then Nancy, pausing in her rowing, began to sing in an untrained but rich voice a rude plantation hymn: "We'se al



l a-goin', We'se all a-goin', We'se all a-goin', To de Promised Land. "We shall see our faders. We shall see our moders, We shall see our chil'en, Dead an' gone before us, In de Promised Land. "Don't you cry, poor

said M


sinner, Don't you cry, poor sinner, We'se all a-goin To de Promised Land." "It makes me feel better to sing them words, Mis' Kenyon," said Nancy; "for it's all true. De Lord will care for us in de Promised Land." "I am glad

rs. Ke

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you have so much faith, Nancy," said her companion. "Your words cheer me, in spite of myself. For the first time, I begin to hope." "Dat's right, Mis' Kenyon," said Nancy, heartily. "

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Dat's de way to talk." They were walking while this conversation took place, and soon they reached the station—a small rude hut, or little better. A man with a flag stood in front

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of it, while a gentleman and lady were standing just in the door-way. Mrs. Kenyon had on the way disencumbered herself of the gown and other disguises which she had worn in the boat,


and appeared a

  • nyon, echo
  • ing the laugh as b
  • efore. "You alm
  • ost frighten me, Mis' Ke
  • nyon," said Nanc


quiet, lady-like figure, who might r

  • y. "I didn
  • 't think no one bu
  • t a nigger could l
  • augh like dat. Are you s
  • ure you aint bla


eadily be taken for a Southern matro

  • ck blood?"
  • "I think not,
  • Nancy," said Mrs.
  • Kenyon. "I don't look li
  • ke it, do I?"
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